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Dr. Shah is double board-certified in Pain Management and PMR. Dr. Shah was named as one of the Best pain doctors in Yonkers, NY by Three Best Rated group  He is certified in Regenerative Medicine by ASIPP. Dr. Shah is currently practicing Interventional Pain management……….

Dr. Prashant Latpate, Physical Therapy clinical director and Sr. Physical Therapist., Prashant is board-certified doctor in Physical therapy  and also holds a Master of Science degree in Health and Rehabilitation science from University of Pittsburgh. He has more than 10 years of expertise

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Frequently Asked Questions

An accurate diagnosis is critical as 85% of back pain cases are termed ‘non-specific’. Your back pain can be due to a neurological, systemic, structural or mechanical dysfunction. We are amongst the first to use a diagnostic approach that covers all these aspects. We use non-invasive technology that isolates the spinal structure. The controlled guided movements test and measure the strength and mobility of the spine. We can therefore identify the root cause of your back pain and prescribe further course of treatment.

The machines we use are non-invasive biofeedback devices. They hold and support your body in fixed positions and then measure your functional ability during movements. They allow us to get a clear understanding of your spinal muscle tissue.

Our treatment is based on the diagnosis and severity of the patient’s condition. To cure back pain and mechanical spine problems, it is important to rebuild the tissues that are weak and are unable to support or stabilise the spine. This is where our expertise lies.

Our precise medical movements enable rehabilitation of spinal tissues and have been medically proven to be the best cure even for the most severe back and spine conditions. The revolutionary technology we use enables isolation of the weak tissue and a precisely guided treatment method. Our doctors use a variety of treatments, depending on how severe the condition is, to effectively enable recovery.

More than half of all Americans are suffering from pain. Whether it is acute pain or chronic pain, there’s a ton of evidence showing that pain in America is a widespread problem that commonly results in sick days from work, and can be a precursor to opioid use and dependency. However, many do not even know that Physical Therapists are well equipped to not only manage pain but also its source.

Physical Therapists are experts at treating movement and neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. Pain often accompanies a movement disorder, and Physical Therapists can help correct the disorder and relieve the pain.

For many patients, one of the primary objectives is pain relief. This is frequently accomplished with hands-on techniques, modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and/or heat or cold therapy. Movement often provides pain relief as well. Your Physical Therapist will provide you with the appropriate exercises not only for pain relief, but to recover range of motion, strength, and endurance.

In some cases, Physical Therapy techniques can be painful. For example, recovering knee range of motion after total knee replacement, or shoulder range of motion after shoulder surgery, may be painful. Your Physical Therapist will utilize a variety of techniques to help maximize your treatment goals. It is important that you communicate the intensity, frequency, and duration of pain to your Therapist. Without this information, it is difficult for the Physical Therapist to adjust your treatment plan.

What Our Patients Say

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Sheikh Ali

Dr. Shah is the one of the best doctor for pain management and he helped me a lot. I also had Physical therapy services with him which was very beneficial and now I am able to walk pain free. All of the staff are very accommodating and helpful. Thank you!

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Zoey Zoey

Dr Binod Shah is a very caring doctor, he made sure I left his office with no pain, made sure I got the best care, I will Def keep coming back to him. The office wait wasn't long and his receptionist and the rest of his medical crew were all nice to me and everyone else here.

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Marisa Pettiford

Dr Shah. Friendly person. Really busy doctor. I've been attending his office. Staff is just as pleasant as him. I have pain and im seeking help with my weight. So! far so good. No complaints on this end. I have a lot more to work on. With the help of Dr Shah and two other. Thank you Dr B Shah.

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Kristina Curanovic

Dr. Shah is great with an added sense of humor. I have been In pain for over two years and in the last week I have never felt better. On Thursday I had a trigger injection of tramadol and it helped alleviate a lot of my pain but unfortunately for me it did not last. Today I had an epidural injection with assisted fluoroscopy on my lower lumbar (disk herniation and degenerative disc disease). Although it’s still premature to tell, I feel more mobile afterwards. The procedure was seamless and his injection technique was very good. I didn’t feel much pain during the procedure and his technician, Irene was wonderful! She eased my anxiety and concerns. Thank you Dr Shah and Irene!

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Betty Zafrios

If I could give the dr.100 stars I would.Because of the pain I have I have.CCRPS,I have see many doctors.None can compare to Dr,Shah.He NEVER gives up hope on his patients.With his deep compassion and professionalism the Dr.always tries something new or will repeat a treatment or read up on something else to try to help you.GOD BLESS DR SHAH I will. always be his patient and highly recommend him to others.


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